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Album Of The Week

"Night Sweats" by Magz

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"Taylor Swift Eras Tour"

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"Last Night" by Morgan Wallen

Powers of the Monk: Exploring Cosmic Dreams with “Puffy Head”

Powers of the Monk, the dynamic duo from Detroit, Michigan, is set to release their latest single, “Puffy Head (with bird legs),” on May 17, 2024. This whimsical and imaginative track...

Blindness & Light: A New Dawn with “Your Ghost”

Blindness & Light, an informal collective hailing from North Wales and the North of England, are marking a significant milestone in their journey with the release of their latest single, a cover...

COMA BEACH EP: “I Won’t Listen” – An In-Depth Exploration

Coma Beach, the punk rock/alternative rock band from Würzburg, Germany, has released a new EP titled “I Won’t Listen.” This EP features four abridged tracks from their debut album...

L.E.A.H’s Re-Released Single “Eroding Crown (Unchained)”: A Powerful Anthem of Resilience

L.E.A.H, a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and music producer, has once again captivated audiences with her compelling re-release, “Eroding Crown (Unchained).” This single delves into the...

FLAPJAQUES Releases “Chicago Lofi Authority” Mini Mix: An Upbeat Spring Soul-Fi Journey

In the vibrant world of lo-fi hip hop, few names resonate with the distinct flair and energy of Chicago like FLAPJAQUES. His latest release, the “Chicago Lofi Authority” upbeat spring...

Unveiling ‘Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse’ by B-MACK: A Deep Dive into Bruce Mack’s Funk Groove Masterpiece

Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse” is a vibrant single from B-MACK, the brainchild of Bruce Mack. This song, produced entirely by Mack in his home studio on Staten Island, is a testament to...

Trapt’s “The Fall Teaser #2”: An Electrifying Prelude to Their Upcoming Album

Trapt has unleashed a thrilling preview of their highly anticipated new album, “The Fall,” with the release of “The Fall Teaser #2.” This teaser, which includes five songs from...

Jeff Vidov’s “Oh mi da dey di”: A Symphonic Celebration of Community and Hope

Canadian-born composer and pianist Jeff Vidov, known for his extensive and diverse musical career, has embarked on an ambitious project set to make waves in the rock and pop music scenes. In 2024...

Transcendental Sounds: Tally Koren’s “The Downtempo Experience” EP

Tally Koren, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, invites listeners on a mesmerizing journey with her latest EP, “The Downtempo Experience.” Comprising seven original tracks and covers...