A Musical Odyssey: Exploring Instrumental Boundaries from Filmmaking to Unrestrained Artistry.

Imagine encountering a musician whose extraordinary journey includes years of touring as a bassist with Big Lost, producing tracks for renowned figures such as Dolly Parton, performing a drum solo behind a fire-breathing stripper in Bangkok, receiving sitar lessons in India and Nepal, and even experiencing the serenity of chanting prayers as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. Meet an artist who fearlessly defies conventional boundaries and embraces a style characterized by uninhibited exploration in his instrumental music. His latest release, “Farewell My Love” (June 2, 2023), presents a captivating interpretation of Bach’s Chaconne from his Partita No. 2. Originally written for solo violin, this rendition, now adapted for solo piano, showcases the artist’s diverse catalog, which includes albums like “Shiva in flagrante” for jazz orchestra and “The Peano Propositions” for solo piano, each offering a unique musical narrative.

As a multi-instrumentalist proficient in sitar, guitar, drums, piano, and keyboards, this artist’s musical style reflects an amalgamation of independent melodic lines influenced by the tradition of counterpoint. While primarily self-taught, he has gained invaluable knowledge and inspiration through collaborations with esteemed composers, studio players, and engineers in Los Angeles, particularly during his involvement in film and advertising projects. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, including legends like Miles Davis and Weather Report, as well as ethnic artists such as Ravi Shankar and Zap Mama, the artist explores diverse genres and production techniques reminiscent of the groundbreaking work by producers and engineers like George Martin and Geoff Emerick.

Deeply rooted in the artist’s family, music has been a constant presence throughout generations. His grandfather, an award-winning pianist and arranger for Cecil B. DeMille in the 1930s, left a lasting impact, while his great uncle’s extensive score collection finds its home at Indiana University. Furthermore, his grandmother’s career as an opera singer and his father’s involvement in radio and film underscore the artist’s rich heritage, influencing his own creative journey.

At the heart of the artist’s latest release lies the interpretation of Bach’s Chaconne. It is believed that Bach composed this profoundly emotional piece to commemorate the passing of his first wife, Maria Barbara Bach, who tragically left this world at the tender age of thirty-five. The artist’s interpretation takes bold artistic liberties with the original score, constructing a narrative scenario that portrays Bach’s return from a business trip, only to discover his wife’s unmarked grave. Through this imaginative lens, the artist captures the intensity and passion coursing through Bach’s being, challenging the conventional perception of him as a stoic figure. Inspired by Itzhak Perlman’s powerful violin performance, the artist infuses his own creative spirit into the composition, using the piano as his medium.

Beyond “Farewell My Love,” the artist’s discography boasts an array of projects. Notable among them is “Shiva in flagrante,” an album that narrates the tale of a rebellious Shiva, riding a Harley-Davidson, falling in love with the goddess Parvati, and culminating in the birth of their child in the captivating final track titled “The Facts of Creation.” Additionally, “The Peano Propositions” features a collection of piano compositions, inviting listeners to delve into the artist’s exploration of various genres and stories. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering desire to push artistic boundaries, each release represents a new chapter in his musical evolution.

Taking a path that goes beyond the boundaries of both filmmaking and music, this artist has carved out a unique trajectory, challenging norms and fearlessly venturing into a wide range of musical genres. Drawing from a background in film production and an inherent love for music, they effortlessly fuse their eclectic influences to craft compositions that captivate and stir the emotions. As audiences delve into their most recent release, “Farewell My Love,” they embark on a transformative musical journey where the timeless elegance of classical music converges with the artist’s daring and unwavering artistic perspective.

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