Petrol Unleashes Energetic Power Pop Anthem with New Single “Pyle On”

Hailing from Philly, indie-punk slackers Petrol are gearing up to captivate music enthusiasts with their one-of-a-kind blend of 90s indie rock reminiscent of Pavement and Modest Mouse, infused with 2000s punk influences à la Joyce Manor, and the DIY sound of Northeast’s Spraynard. After dedicating the latter half of 2021 to crafting their debut album, “Cheap Hotel,” Petrol has embarked on an exploration of their eclectic influences, with their latest single “Pyle On” serving as a gateway into the realm of power pop. Set for release on June 23rd, this infectious track packs a quick, energetic punch, perfect for listeners with short attention spans.


Recorded throughout 2023 at Little Brother Audio in West Philadelphia and skillfully produced and mixed by Tyler Ripley, “Pyle On” flawlessly captures Petrol’s dynamic sound. The band felt at ease in the new recording environment, embracing a fresh approach that allowed them to seamlessly capture the essence of the song. Their efficiency and speed in the studio resulted in a polished recording that perfectly represents Petrol’s musical identity.

An upbeat power pop anthem, “Pyle On” conveys a message centered around misplaced anger and self-deprecation. Vocalist Dallas Scott sheds light on the track’s inspiration, stating, “There are always people in your life who project their insecurities and misdirected anger onto you, using it as a means to bring you down and boost their own ego. When their fragile self-esteem crumbles, they pass on this cycle of negativity to someone else. It continues until they find clarity and break free from the pattern.” Scott adds with a touch of humor, “Oh, and it’s also about how I love Slipknot.”

During the recording process of “Pyle On,” Petrol focused on capturing the song’s essence and vibe, prioritizing the overall feel rather than fixating on technical prowess. Drummer Daniel Huppman emphasizes the simplicity and carefree nature of the track, stating, “It’s a fun song, and when I play it, I don’t overthink. I just hit the drums fast and have a blast. No need to complicate things.” Bassist and backing vocalist John Sepcie chimes in, “Anyone can sing along,” highlighting the song’s accessibility and catchy nature.

With “Pyle On,” Petrol showcases their growth as musicians and their willingness to explore new sonic territories. The band’s distinct blend of indie rock, punk, and DIY influences shines through in this infectiously powerful anthem. Listeners can eagerly anticipate a track that seamlessly blends energetic instrumentals, engaging vocals, and a relatable message. As the release date draws near, excitement builds for the unveiling of “Pyle On,” a testament to Petrol’s unique musical style and their ability to craft catchy and memorable tunes.

Listen to “Pyle On” and immerse yourself in the vibrant soundscapes of Petrol as they continue to carve their own path in the indie-punk scene. Prepare to be captivated by their genre-defying approach and infectious melodies.

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