Abigail Fierce: Rocking the LGBTQ+ Scene with ‘Daphne’ and Captivating Musical Talents

Abigail Fierce, a singer-songwriter and actress residing in Los Angeles, is gaining significant attention in the music scene due to her distinct fusion of rock-pop and pop-punk styles. As an openly LGBT artist, Abigail fearlessly embraces her true identity, captivating audiences with her latest offering, “Daphne.” This LGBTQ+ love song tells the story of a longing for a mysterious barista, nicknamed Daphne, and showcases Abigail’s sharp lyrical metaphors, dreamy storytelling, and energetic guitar-driven sound.

Abigail, originally hailing from Louisville, KY, embarked on her journey to Los Angeles during her teenage years to pursue her acting aspirations. Her talent has been showcased in various acclaimed productions including Hulu’s “Love, Victor,” NBC’s “This Is Us,” Netflix’s “American Vandal,” and the Paramount+ movie “Fantasy Football,” where she shared the screen with Kelly Rowland, renowned for her involvement with Destiny’s Child.

Abigail’s remarkable achievements are a testament to her dedication and skill. With an impressive track record of over 4 million streams on Spotify, she has garnered a loyal and supportive fan base. She has also been recognized as a PRS Pulse Artist, endorsed by guitar brand PRS, and sponsored by Ultimate Ears for a collective mixtape she created with Performer Magazine. Additionally, she served as a guitar and bassist model for Guitar Center from 2019 to 2022 and was named Elixir Strings Artist of the Month. Abigail’s songwriting prowess has earned her accolades in prestigious competitions. Her track “Pitch Dark” reached the semi-finals in the 2022 International Songwriting Competition, while “Some Sorta Goodbye” emerged as the winner of the singer-songwriter week at the John Lennon Songwriting Competition in 2023.

Abigail’s music has also caught the attention of top streaming platforms. Her song “I Miss You” landed a spot on five Spotify Editorial playlists, including Indie Pop, Next Gen Singer-Songwriters, OUT NOW: Pride, Fresh Finds, and Fresh Finds: Pop. Additionally, “Shallow Love” was featured on various Amazon Music Pride playlists.

With “Daphne,” Abigail continues to solidify her presence as an LGBT alternative pop-rockstar. Her captivating storytelling and infectious melodies make the song an indie summer anthem, resonating with sapphic women and girls searching for a charming love song that speaks to their experiences.

Abigail Fierce is not your typical artist. Her witty lyricism and killer guitar rhythms create an exhilarating escape from the mundane. Constantly pushing boundaries and defying genre norms, Abigail immerses her audience in a glamorous and nostalgic universe, reminiscent of the classic 2000s Pop Rock era.

Abigail Fierce’s development as an artist and capacity to captivate audiences with her distinct style solidify her position as a trailblazing figure in the music industry. Her music not only appeals to listeners but also provides the LGBTQ+ community with representation. Fans are anxiously anticipating her upcoming creative endeavours as she bravely pushes the boundaries of music as excitement among them grows.

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