DJ Frisbee Drops the Beat with ‘Give You Everything’ in a Groundbreaking Musical Spectacle

Prepare for a mesmerizing sonic journey as DJ Frisbee unveils his latest track, “Give You Everything,” set to launch on October 27, 2023. This highly anticipated release is geared to redefine the landscape of electronic dance music, offering an immersive experience for music lovers worldwide.


Hailing from the heart of New York City, DJ Frisbee’s musical roots run deep, evolving from the days of recording radio cassettes to becoming a global music trailblazer.

His dedication to music has not just earned him a global fanbase but has charted in countries like Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Greece. With over 500,000 Spotify streams, his music bridges geographical boundaries, connecting people through the emotive power of sound.

“Give You Everything” encapsulates a fusion of guitar melodies, lead samples, and male vocals, crafting a narrative that transcends musical boundaries, appealing to diverse audiences. This track epitomizes DJ Frisbee’s daring exploration of uncharted musical territories, fearlessly defying genre limitations within the electronic dance realm.

As the release of “Give You Everything” approaches, anticipate a sonic journey that promises to captivate and redefine the electronic music scene.

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