“Jeff Eager: Creating Timeless Music for the Present and Future with ‘2070’

Jeff Eager’s talent is defined by his remarkable versatility. His voice possesses a captivating range and distinctive character, while his mastery of guitar, bass, and keys knows no boundaries. Eager effortlessly traverses various genres like soul, rock, funk, pop, and R&B, infusing each with an authentic touch. With a commanding stage presence that emanates experience and charm, it’s no wonder Jeff Eager has earned his reputation as one of Canada’s most dynamic musicians.

This summer marks the highly anticipated release of Eager’s second full-length studio album, aptly titled ‘2070.’ With a wealth of life and career experiences between his works, Jeff approaches his artistry with a fresh perspective. Rejecting fleeting trends, he embraces the timeless artists who have shaped his musical journey, resulting in an album steeped in classic songwriting. ‘2070’ showcases compelling melodies over captivating progressions, accompanied by lush instrumentation, meticulous arrangements, and an abundance of irresistible hooks. Jeff Eager confidently leaves his mark on the golden age of analog music, delivering an album that comfortably sits in a record collection alongside legendary icons such as Prince, Hall & Oates, Elton John, Earth Wind and Fire, Supertramp, and Michael Jackson.

Fans have already been captivated by Eager’s latest offerings through a series of enchanting singles. The ironically danceable ‘I Don’t Dance Anymore’ showcases his talent for crafting infectious grooves. ‘Joy’ delves into soulful realms with its blend of somber yet funky melodies, while ‘The One’ pays homage to the infectious bass-heavy funk and soul tradition. Notably, ‘The One’ recently received recognition on Hockey Night in Canada, solidifying its appeal to a broad audience.

‘2070’ is now available for streaming on all major platforms, with the option to purchase the album on limited edition 12″ vinyl. When conceptualizing this record, Jeff Eager sought to bridge eras by merging his admiration for the classic songwriting of the late ’70s and early ’80s with a futuristic vision for the year 2070. The album’s first single, “I Don’t Care For What’s Out There,” perfectly captures this fusion of time. Set against an energetic, summer-fun groove, Eager contemplates the intersection of a musician’s lifestyle and fatherhood, offering a heartfelt and clever perspective.

“I Don’t Care For What’s Out There” is a delightful blend of vintage pop, rock, and soul, harmoniously blending synthesizer and acoustic sounds reminiscent of beloved classics like Raspberry Beret. The song carries a heartwarming message, emphasizing that the triumphs and failures of a music career ultimately pale in significance to the love and presence of a young child. Jeff Eager’s ability to capture emotions and craft relatable narratives shines brightly in this single.

For Jeff Eager, ‘2070’ is far from a gimmick or an intentional throwback; it is an album created with genuine love for the music he holds dear. Unintentionally transporting listeners to the soundscape of 1980, reminiscent of a cherished bygone era, Eager’s record appeals to two distinct audiences. It offers pure enjoyment for those reveling in the present, as well as a profound connection for a select group who will discover deeper meaning and intimacy in the music in the decades to come. With hidden gems, references, and Easter eggs interwoven throughout the album, Jeff Eager has crafted a musical odyssey for his children to unravel in 2070—a heartfelt offering tailored for an Audience of Three.

Be sure to listen to Jeff Eager’s single, “I Don’t Care For What’s Out There,” available now. Let the enchanting sounds of ‘2070’ transport you to a timeless musical experience that resonates in the present and carries into the future.

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