LearningToDive Presents “Rise”: An Emotionally Charged Journey of Resilience

Life’s journey takes us through a diverse array of landscapes, each with its unique trials and tribulations. While some paths offer serenity, others lead through rugged terrains of suffering and sorrow. “Rise,” the newest release by Bravo Bonez under his alias LearningToDive, invites listeners into a poignant narrative, chronicling a man’s unwavering battle against harassment, persecution, veiled attacks, and deceit. Despite the inevitable confrontation with mortality, the protagonist stands firm in his refusal to succumb to negative thoughts, opting to transcend the turmoil engulfing him.

Released on the 14th of july, 2023, “Rise” marks Bravo Bonez’s third single from the forthcoming EP, “Drums of War.” Operating under the LearningToDive identity, Bravo Bonez embarks on profound reflections concerning society and the human experience, venturing beyond his usual upbeat, retro, or lo-fi tones. This musical persona delves into alternative themes, weaving darker and more intricate layers into the composition, unveiling a novel facet of Bonez’s artistic expression.

The essence of “Rise” revolves around life’s intricacies, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual’s journey. The song delves into the inner turmoil of a man navigating a metaphorical wilderness of despair. Despite grappling with somber circumstances, his indomitable spirit resists surrendering to pessimism, striking a resonant chord with listeners.

In the creation of “Rise,” Bravo Bonez assumes the roles of producer, arranger, and performer, showcasing his unwavering commitment to exploring profound themes through music. Collaborating with co-producer Greg Haver (renowned for his work with Manic Street Preachers and Mel C) and engineer Clint Murphy (credited for contributions to Enter Shikari and 50 Cent), Bravo Bonez crafts a potent musical landscape that captivates the senses.

The chorus of “Rise” serves as a beacon of euphoria amidst the prevailing unease, symbolizing the protagonist’s unwavering journey through persecution. Bravo Bonez artfully leaves listeners in contemplation, enabling them to connect deeply with the raw emotions conveyed by the music.

Credit for the evocative track “Rise” underscores the collective effort invested in its creation. Bravo Bonez takes center stage as the songwriter and composer, collaborating with Greg Haver as co-producer. Clint Murphy adeptly manages the engineering and mixing process, ensuring a seamless auditory experience. The song features compelling drums by Greg Haver, infusing the narrative with rhythm and intensity. Proudly released on the PureSound label, “Rise” was recorded at PureSound Studios in New Zealand, and skillfully mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville, USA.

“Rise” embarks on a musical odyssey that delves into the intricate nuances of the human spirit, motivating us all to persevere through life’s challenges. LearningToDive’s immersive storytelling and thought-provoking composition leave an indelible mark, imprinting “Rise” into the minds and hearts of its audience. As Bravo Bonez continues to explore diverse themes in his music, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming “Drums of War” EP, poised to embark on another sonic adventure curated by this talented artist. for more information on the artist visit http://learning2dive.com/.

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