Matt DeAngelis and The Resonance: “Speak For a Moment” Is a Captivating Blend of Classic Rock with Contemporary Positivity.

Matt DeAngelis and The Resonance skillfully intertwine the nostalgia of classic rock with a modern twist, infusing their lyrics with the essence of our urgent times. In a world dominated by negativity, their music radiates a unique brand of positivity that captivates audiences. Let’s embark on a journey that brought together these exceptionally talented musicians.

The talented members of The Resonance band include Matt DeAngelis who is in charge of the Vocals, Piano, Kronos, Mellotron, Tambourine. Bill Kennedy, who plays the Guitars. Eric Bishop implements the Bass & Dan Pettolina who plays Drums. Together, they form a harmonious musical ensemble that effortlessly blends classic and contemporary elements, creating a captivating and resonant sound. Each member contributes their unique skills and passion to the group, enriching the band’s performances with their individual talents.

Matt DeAngelis and Bill Kennedy’s collaboration spans seven years, bringing together a multitalented engineer, guitarist, and producer. Four years ago, Eric Bishop joined the band, showcasing exceptional bass skills. Additionally, Matt and Dan Pettolina have shared their musical endeavors in The Loop, a multifaceted cover band where Matt has been an integral member for over two years.

Drawing inspiration from classic and progressive rock, The Resonance crafts a distinctive sound that strikes a chord with nostalgia and innovation. Matt DeAngelis’s music has found a home on esteemed radio stations like Radio Airplay, Amazing Radio, and Radio Wigwam. Their captivating performances at renowned venues in the Mid Atlantic region, including Bottle and Cork, The Princeton, and Fager’s Island, have left audiences spellbound.

While reviewers have lauded Matt DeAngelis’s single “Can’t Write About Today” as a “musical masterpiece,” there is more to uncover in their latest single “Speak For a Moment.” With heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, Matt skillfully captures the collective anguish and confusion pervading society. The song serves as a reflection of the world’s burdens and the challenge of finding adequate words to express them. Through a seamless blend of personal introspection and universal themes, Matt fosters a sense of unity and understanding among his listeners.

Recorded at Gradwell House Studios and Musically Speaking Studios, “Speak For a Moment” embodies Matt’s determination to embrace the present and make a positive impact on the world. It was born during the early days of the pandemic, a time of unrest that spurred Matt’s desire for change and inspired him to express his emotions and beliefs through his heartfelt music.

Matt DeAngelis’s songwriting delivers a compelling message of hope and empowerment. He firmly believes in the capacity of every individual to bring positive change to the world. Emphasizing the fleeting nature of life’s moments, Matt urges listeners to leave their mark and embrace their significance on Earth. “Speak For a Moment” stands as an inspiring call for all to find their voice and make a difference.


The Resonance’s eclectic fusion of styles and genres creates a musical landscape that sparks creativity. Bassist Eric Bishop aptly describes the band’s collaboration as the foundation to “create great parts.” Their seamless blend of classic rock with contemporary relevance emanates an invigorating resonance that leaves an indelible impression on their audiences.

Matt DeAngelis and The Resonance embark on a musical journey that transcends time and genre. By intertwining classic influences with a relevant and empowering message, they captivate listeners and ignite positive change. Through their thought-provoking music and powerful performances, the band aspires to make a meaningful difference not only in the world of music but also in the hearts of their audience.

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