Matt DeAngelis: Orchestrating ‘All Good Things’ – A Voyage of Hope in Music

In a mission to infuse the world with positivity through song, 25-year-old singer-songwriter Matt DeAngelis has unveiled a compelling single titled “All Good Things.” With bandmates Billy Kennedy on guitars, Eric Bishop on bass, and Dan Pettolina on drums, Matt, who leads as singer, songwriter, and pianist, combines talents with these seasoned studio musicians to craft a unique musical experience.

Fueled by a mix of influences ranging from pop, rock, and prog to classical, Matt and his band have graced diverse venues, including performances at iconic locations like Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach, Delaware, and various Atlantic City and Philadelphia casinos.

The genesis of “All Good Things” harbors a delightful anecdote. Originally recorded at a more rapid tempo—perhaps due to an excess of coffee—the song underwent a transformation to arrive at its current, more fitting pace.

Among the plaudits received, a review resonates deeply with Matt’s musical allure: “Matt casts a spell with his smooth vocals that could melt even the coldest heart. He weaves a sonic tapestry that’s intricate and mesmerizing, like a musical labyrinth you never want to escape from.” – Meg Chandler, Heat Waves Blog

The creation of this single was a labor of passion, brought to life at Gradwell House and Musically Speaking Studios. Engineered by Tom Conran and Billy Kennedy, the production was a collaborative vision involving Matt, Billy Kennedy, and John DeAngelis.

Matt describes “All Good Things” as a musical embodiment of transitioning from the wistfulness of childhood into the vast possibilities of adulthood. It champions the optimism of closure, fostering anticipation for what the future holds. Its wider context speaks to the cyclical nature of life—embracing conclusions of various life events, relationships, and existence itself. It champions the necessity of accepting natural conclusions, allowing us to adjust to the ever-evolving narrative of life. Matt aspires for this song to guide through transitions, inspiring independence and nurturing a hopeful outlook.

“A song that is laid-back, memorable, and instills hope” encapsulates the essence of “All Good Things.” It lingers in the atmosphere, fostering a soothing yet hopeful vibe long after the final note fades away.

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