Mortal Prophets Ignite the Summer with “New Breed”

The New York music scene is ablaze this summer, thanks to John Beckmann and the Mortal Prophets. Today marks the release of their electrifying new single, “New Breed,” a tantalizing preview of their much-anticipated album, *The Confessions of a Sword Swallower*, set to drop this fall.

Accompanying the release is a visually stunning, technicolor video directed by filmmaker Michelle Civetta. The video features a futuristic UFO landing amidst ancient Maya ruins, perfectly complementing the track’s avant-garde spirit.

True to form, the Mortal Prophets continue to defy stylistic boundaries, blending Post Punk, Indie, and Black Metal into a sonic whirlwind that is as innovative as it is exhilarating. Mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Joe LaPorta of Sterling Sound—best known for his work on David Bowie’s final album, *Black Star*—”New Breed” is a testament to the band’s audacious musical vision.

At a blistering 176 bpm, “New Breed” is a high-energy chant that promises to captivate and energize listeners. Beckmann’s fearless approach to music-making shines through in this single, pushing the limits of what can be achieved within the traditional confines of genre.

“I’ve been working on several EPs and a few full albums in the past six months, shifting between what I call ‘Imaginary Cinema,’ a forthcoming Alternative-Indie based 7-song EP with New York producer David Sisko, and another 5-song Dream Pop EP with Irish producer William Declan Rubey. It’s been a fruitful time right now, so I’m just running as fast as I can,” Beckmann shared.

Mortal Prophets have consistently demonstrated a knack for blending various musical influences into a cohesive and captivating sound. Their previous works, including the “Meine Liebe” EP, showcase this versatility. As Mesmerized noted, “This is what Mortal Prophets is all about; being receptive to outside influence, and finding a glimpse of art in hidden corners around the world. ‘Meine Liebe’ is as flashy as its name implies (at least to non-German speakers).”

Rotate echoed this sentiment, praising the band’s creativity: “Mortal Prophets’ ‘Meine Liebe’ EP is a testament to the band’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and exploring the depths of musical expression.” York Calling (UK) also highlighted the band’s uniqueness, stating, “Mortal Prophets’ latest is another weird and wonderful insight into their unique world. It simply demands a listen.”

Their track “Belgian Club 79” received similar acclaim, with Lost In The Manor describing it as a “delightfully dark aesthetic” in the house and pop music space, featuring “driving pulsating synths and an authoritative and unyielding bassline.” This track’s experimental nature, adorned with haunting whispers and chanting, creates a mesmerizing and unforgettable sonic experience.

As the release date for *The Confessions of a Sword Swallower* approaches, fans can expect an unforgettable album that continues to challenge the conventional limits of modern rock. Beckmann and the Mortal Prophets are poised to deliver a series of groundbreaking releases, each more audacious than the last.

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