Sleepwalker’s Station Embarks on a Musical Journey with “Where Do We Go From Here”

Sleepwalker’s Station, the enchanting Indie Folk project led by Daniel del Valle, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sounds that transcends borders. With a history of over 1200 live shows across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, the band now releases their latest single, “Where Do We Go From Here?” The track introduces an eclectic blend of influences, showcasing an evolution in Sleepwalker’s Station’s musical landscape.

Founded by Daniel del Valle, Sleepwalker’s Station is an international collective that thrives on linguistic and cultural diversity. Daniel’s songwriting prowess extends across five languages and various dialects, creating a unique sonic experience. The band’s extensive touring history includes notable festivals like Glastonbury, Live at Heart, Open Fair, No sin Música, and Westway Lab.

The latest single, “Where Do We Go From Here?,” introduces a catchy and up-tempo Bossa Nova track with an indie mood layer. Departing from their previous multilingual, multicultural explosion of colors in the critically acclaimed “Lorca,” this new release takes an introspective turn. The single combines an indie folk mood with the rhythmic charm of Bossa Nova, offering listeners a fresh and unexpected experience.

The upcoming album, “House of Cards,” unfolds as an introverted, reflective work in classic Anglophonic Indie Folk fashion. Crafted during a nine-week lockdown in Andalusia, Spain, the album draws inspiration from the land of poets, painters, flamenco, and Sherry. It beautifully captures the melancholic essence of the region, exploring themes of deserted beaches, empty streets, and introspective reflections through tracks like “Deserted Beaches” and “Photographs.”

Beyond the evocative landscapes, Sleepwalker’s Station delves into critical themes in tracks like “Pawns in the Game” and “Believe.” The lyrics cast a discerning eye on human history, addressing issues of manipulation, gullibility, and societal missteps. The album retains the signature sound of road movie soundtracks with dusty tremolo and slide guitars, and a rustic harmonica, offering a nostalgic nod to the roots of indie folk.

Scheduled for global release, “House of Cards” takes its listeners on a journey through varied emotions, from the Great Divide’s road movie sounds to the space-like ambiance of the title track. Despite the challenges of canceled tours and live events, Sleepwalker’s Station embraces the digital stage to share their latest creation with the world.

While the original plan for a year-long tour was disrupted, Sleepwalker’s Station compensates with an album release tour in September. The tour includes performances in Sylt, Lübeck, Örebro (Sweden), Aachen, Munich, Braunschweig, Suhl, Weilburg, Trier, Maikammer (Landau/Pfalz), and Zurich (Switzerland), promising to bring their music to audiences worldwide.

Sleepwalker’s Station garnered praise for their previous work, particularly the album “Lorca.” Dieter Kindl, from Liederbestenliste, hailed it as the “discovery of the year,” capturing the essence of European music in a harmonious whole. “Lorca” earned recognition for its versatility, depth, and artistic brilliance.

Sleepwalker’s Station’s musical journey continues with “Where Do We Go From Here?” and the upcoming album “House of Cards.” Daniel del Valle’s ability to infuse diverse influences into a cohesive musical narrative promises a captivating experience for listeners. As they navigate uncertain times with creativity and resilience, Sleepwalker’s Station invites the world to embark on a musical exploration of introspection, critique, and a shared destiny.



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