The Screaming Pope Takes Audiences “Overboard” with Experimental Single Release

The musical landscape is a vast ocean of inspiration, and The Screaming Pope, led by George Bolton on keyboards and computer composition, sets sail into uncharted waters with their latest single release, “Overboard.” Founded in the summer of 2021, this experimental project draws influences from a wide spectrum of musical genres, ranging from Classical to the Beatles to Kraftwerk and beyond.

Despite the absence of live performances, The Screaming Pope has already made waves with their unique sound. Their debut single, “Overboard,” recorded in their home studio in Boston, is a testament to their commitment to exploration and experimentation. With nods to Psychedelia, Ballads, experimental Hip-Hop, and various other genres, “Overboard” is an eclectic journey into unexplored musical territories.

Reflecting on the creative process, George Bolton shares, “Getting into your head too much does wonders for the creative process.” This sentiment underscores the ethos behind The Screaming Pope’s music — a fearless dive into the depths of imagination and expression.

Despite the lack of live performances, The Screaming Pope’s music has garnered praise from critics. Beach House Magazine describes their earlier work, “The Willow Tree,” as “a magnificent aural trip that is unique in today’s music world,” further solidifying their place in the realm of experimental music.

Beyond “Overboard,” The Screaming Pope has hinted at a new project, “George Bolton’s Trancendental,” which will delve deeper into the realm of EDM. As the band continues to chart new musical territories, audiences can expect to be taken on an exhilarating sonic voyage.

In addition to the music itself, The Screaming Pope injects humor and personality into their creations. From amusing album art to quirky anecdotes, they ensure that every aspect of their artistry reflects their creative vision.

“Overboard” is not just a single; it’s an invitation to embark on a sonic adventure unlike any other. With The Screaming Pope at the helm, listeners are guaranteed a voyage into the unknown, where creativity knows no bounds.

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