XIOMARI’s Sonic Revolution: Unveiling ‘FLIP FREESTYLE’ — Transforming Negativity into a Banger

Meet XIOMARI, the dynamic artist breaking barriers and flipping the script on negativity with the release of his latest single, ‘FLIP FREESTYLE.’ This high-energy track is not just a musical journey but a testament to XIOMARI’s resilience and creative prowess.

The inspiration behind ‘FLIP FREESTYLE’ emerged from an unexpected source – a hater’s critique. Instead of succumbing to negativity, XIOMARI elevated his response, turning criticism into creative fuel. Recorded in a car at a Publix parking lot, this single symbolizes the artist’s ability to make the impossible possible.

XIOMARI, also known as XIO, started as a ‘TYPE BEAT’ producer, selling beats on YouTube. His musical journey took an unexpected turn when he ventured into rapping on his own beats, producing his debut EP, ‘DREAMS WILL COME TRUE,’ in 2019. XIOMARI’s evolution includes playing the keyboard and MPC, crafting a unique sound that blends influences from Travis Scott, Ye, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean.

While XIOMARI’s journey includes a feature on Frank Ocean’s Homer Radio (Episode 28), his online presence caught the attention of none other than Kanye West. Despite a brief interaction on social media, the moment left an indelible mark, fueling XIOMARI’s determination to keep pushing boundaries.

XIOMARI’s unorthodox recording process adds a layer of authenticity to his work. Most of his discography, including ‘FLIP FREESTYLE,’ was recorded in his car, breaking free from the confines of a disruptive living situation. The result is raw energy and a testament to the belief that art can be created anywhere.

At its core, ‘FLIP FREESTYLE’ is a call to action – an anthem to suit up, flip the switch, and prove doubters wrong. The track encourages listeners to channel negativity into a catalyst for change, exemplifying XIOMARI’s philosophy that music is a powerful means of communication and self-expression.

XIOMARI has garnered attention not only for his distinctive sound but for his ability to make trends his own. His music resonates with those seeking authenticity and a fresh perspective, making him a noteworthy figure in the underground scene.

XIOMARI’s bold and innovative approach to music promises a future filled with groundbreaking releases. ‘FLIP FREESTYLE’ is just the beginning of what XIOMARI has to offer, inviting audiences to flip the switch and embrace the transformative power of music.

In the words of XIOMARI, “Once you flip the switch, your life will change forever.” ‘FLIP FREESTYLE’ stands as a testament to XIOMARI’s commitment to transforming adversity into art, setting the stage for a sonic revolution that challenges norms and inspires change. So, buckle up, flip the switch, and embark on a musical journey with XIOMARI.

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