Carson Aday’s “Fade Away”: Navigating Artistic Growth Amidst Moral Turmoil

In the realm of emerging artists, Carson Aday stands as a distinctive voice, and his latest single, “Fade Away,” serves as a poignant reflection of his internal struggles with morality and faith as he navigates the intricate landscape of the music industry.

Carson Aday’s musical prowess extends beyond his vocal talents; he is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in crafting and recording his songs independently. For “Fade Away,” he collaborated with drummer Jonathan Peace and bassist Payton Seiler to infuse additional depth into the track. The collaborative efforts of producers Nick Tveitbakk and Scott Ayers, combined with the musicians’ collective soul, birthed the retro sound of “Fade Away” at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN.

Carson Aday’s journey into music commenced at the age of 18, where he quickly transitioned from classical piano, competing internationally, to exploring diverse genres. Influenced by Jazz, Indie Rock, Pop, and Opera, his sound evolved under the guidance of multi-platinum, Grammy-winning producers with whom he collaborated. The culmination of these influences echoes in the rich tapestry of “Fade Away.”

Classical piano training remains a cornerstone of Carson’s musical foundation, drawing melodies from Beethoven and harmonies from Chopin. However, it’s the resonant impact of The Strokes that echoes prominently in Aday’s work, particularly his debut album, “Midnight on a Flower Moon.” The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, and Jazz luminaries like Duke Ellington, Chet Baker, and John Coltrane also contribute to the eclectic influences shaping Aday’s distinctive sound.

Carson Aday’s reach extends internationally, with radio spins in Europe mirroring his momentum in the United States. He steadily builds his fanbase by performing across the DFW metroplex and various locations in the U.S., showcasing his growing prominence in the music scene. Adding a touch of amusement to his music persona, at a recent show in Dallas, Carson Aday set his guitar aside and embarked on an unexpected adventure—crowd-surfing for the first time. It’s these moments of spontaneity that enhance the connection between artist and audience.

In the realm of music criticism, Carson Aday has received praise for his spell-casting compositions, marked by mesmerizing acoustics, deep timbre vocals, and poetic narratives. Reviews laud his ability to blend various elements into a harmonious whole.

“Fade Away” came to life at Pachyderm Studios, renowned for hosting the likes of Nirvana, Hippo Campus, and Beach House. Nick Tveitbakk and Scott Ayers, at the production helm, orchestrated the recording process, infusing their expertise into the distinctive sound of the single.

“Fade Away” delves into Carson’s apprehensions about losing his Christian faith amidst the challenges of a burgeoning career. In an industry fraught with pitfalls of addiction and ego-centrism, the song captures Carson’s resolve to anchor himself to the values upheld by his family and friends, who implore him not to “fade away.”

As an intriguing footnote, the recording process wasn’t without its share of oddities. After the third day, a hired cinematographer, Tanner Lockhart, shared a spine-chilling encounter with a man-sized bird in the woods near the studio. The surreal story added an unexpected layer of excitement to the recording sessions.

Reflecting on the single, Carson Aday succinctly encapsulates its essence, stating, “Fade Away” mirrors the state of my heart as I grow and develop my artistry. It encapsulates the intersection of personal growth, artistic evolution, and the constant negotiation of faith in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.

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