Dolla Bill Revives the 90’s Vibe with “What You Wanna Hear”

Prepare for a nostalgic trip back to the golden era of hip hop as Will Francis also known by his stage name Dolla Bill takes center stage with his latest release, “What You Wanna Hear.” Hailing from Smithfield, NC, USA, Dolla Bill is a versatile music artist, seamlessly blending rock, singer/songwriter, and hip hop/rap elements to create a truly diverse musical repertoire.

In this thrilling comeback track, Dolla Bill revisits his hip hop roots, enveloping listeners in the unmistakable west coast vibes and nostalgic feels of the 90s. Returning to his earlier hip hop/rap works that have already left an indelible mark on various platforms, he showcases his versatility and distinct musical identity.

“What You Wanna Hear” presents a first-person perspective, with Dolla Bill embodying both the performer and main character. The song’s backstory delves into a thought-provoking social commentary, shedding light on the extreme lengths some individuals will go to in their relentless pursuit of money. Sweet talk and deception become powerful tools in a money-driven society that is all too familiar in today’s world.




Dolla Bill’s artistry has been gaining momentum, with his music regularly featured on radio and drawing attention on social media. Constantly seeking growth and improvement, Dolla Bill actively seeks feedback and critique from curators, influencers, labels, and sync supervisors, positioning himself for wider promotion and well-deserved placements.

His unique style has captivated various platforms, securing him features on radio, blogs, playlists, and even TV. With his music now reaching audiences worldwide, there are no boundaries to the enchanting melodies of Dolla Bill.

Dolla Bill prioritizes innovation and high-quality work when it comes to his art. Every song he releases oozes sincerity, rawness, and a tonne of energy, which is a testament to his commitment to his craft and sincere love of the music he produces.

As Dolla Bill continues to expand his musical catalog and craft a live set that seamlessly combines original compositions and carefully selected cover material, fans can eagerly anticipate an array of thrilling releases and captivating performances in the near future. Dolla Bill’s boundless passion for music resonates in every note, captivating audiences and leaving them yearning for more.

Embark on a spellbinding musical journey as Dolla Bill masterfully blends genres, taking listeners on an unforgettable ride through time. The song “What You Wanna Hear” only scratches the surface of this gifted artist’s boundless imagination. However, given his persistent dedication to perfection, it is clear that Dolla Bill’s musical career is destined for success. Follow him as he leaves a lasting impression on the constantly changing hip-hop and rap world by keeping an eye out for his most recent albums.

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