Gary Dranow’s Journey: Unveiling Destiny Road (Remix) and the Musical Future of Astralix

In a symphony of international collaboration, Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions present the remastered release of their title track, “Destiny Road (Remix).” This release not only marks a significant milestone in Gary Dranow’s musical journey but also serves as a prelude to the upcoming EDM venture, Astralix. In this article, we delve into the inspiration behind the remastered album, the formation of Astralix, and the intricate musical tapestry woven by this eclectic group of musicians.

The Manic Emotions, led by Gary Dranow, are an international ensemble with members spanning from Utah, USA, to Melbourne, Australia, and even Ukraine. The lineup includes Jason Jones on drums and mixing, Chris Zoupa on guitar, bass, and arrangements, Roman Burda on blues harp and Ukrainian music direction, Klim Apalkov on vocals, and Mykhailo Kapustei on translation. Influenced by an array of musical genres and artists like Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Oasis, and the Doors, the band experiments with blues, blues-rock, alternative rock, and hard rock.

Currently holding the position of the number-one English rock song in Ukraine, the Manic Emotions showcase their global appeal. The Ukrainian version of their track has garnered widespread acclaim, with an official music video amplifying its impact. A fascinating anecdote emerges from their creative process, highlighting a decision to retain the harmonica in “The Cry of War – Ukraine” after facing a mini-rebellion when contemplating its removal.

“Dreams do come true,” as Gary Dranow’s most vivid dream in 1996 became the cornerstone for the Destiny Road album. The 14-track album, initially written in 1997, was resurrected with the help of technology and the dedicated efforts of the band. With Tim Wilson leading the initial phase of production and Jason “Majic” Jones eventually taking over as the production manager, Destiny Road saw the light of day in 2023. The remastered release, including “Destiny Road (Remix),” features Klim Apalkov as both the remastering artist and vocalist.

In the wake of Destiny Road’s success, Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa venture into the realm of electronic dance music (EDM) with Astralix. Their first single, “Lost and Found,” is scheduled for release on December 14th, showcasing a dance-worthy beat. Subsequent releases, including “The Rhythm Fills My Soul” and “Still Raining,” promise to captivate audiences with their unmistakable dance beats, firmly establishing Astralix’s presence in the EDM scene.

“Destiny Road (Remix)” is more than a remastered release; it’s an introspective journey into Gary Dranow’s life, his bipolar disorder, and the fulfillment of a destiny foretold in a vivid dream. As the band prepares to release a new song every week for 24 weeks starting in January 2024, fans can expect an immersive exploration of emotions, experiences, and musical genres.

“The Never Give Up album, which has had four of twenty-four singles released to date, is destined to be Dranow’s seminal release.” This one-liner encapsulates the profound significance of his musical endeavors, emphasizing resilience, creativity, and a commitment to the musical craft.

Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions continue to craft their destiny through music, blending genres, languages, and cultures into a harmonious symphony. As the remastered Destiny Road album reverberates with new life, Astralix emerges as a testament to their versatility and willingness to explore new sonic territories. The journey is far from over, and fans can anticipate a continuous stream of musical offerings from this dynamic collective in the coming months. As the world tunes in, Gary Dranow and his collaborators invite listeners to join them on this captivating voyage through Destiny Road and beyond.

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