The Listros’ Journey: Unveiling Their Debut Rock Anthem, ‘Into The Otherside’

The Listros, a dynamic duo hailing from Toronto and composed of brothers Sean and Evan Listro, have made a splash in the music scene with their inaugural rock single, ‘Into The Otherside.’ Drawing inspiration from the gritty sounds of ’90s industrial and grunge bands like Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Nirvana, The Listros bring a contemporary edge to the rock genre, perfectly aligning with the essence of today’s music landscape.

In the company of contemporaries such as Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, YUNGBLUD, and Tame Impala, The Listros carve their niche with a robust and hook-laden modern rock sound. Melding classic rock elements with the dynamic sonics of electronic music, the duo crafts a distinct sound that pays homage to revered bands while remaining accessible to today’s diverse audiences.

‘Into The Otherside’ stands as The Listros’ introduction to the music scene, encapsulating the brothers’ diverse influences. This debut rock anthem harmonizes the raw energy reminiscent of Nirvana, the infectious hooks akin to Arctic Monkeys, and the sonic exploration echoing Tame Impala. The track serves as a sonic journey, seamlessly navigating through various rock sub-genres, showcasing the duo’s versatility and commitment to creating a memorable musical experience.

In their pursuit of a distinctive sound, The Listros have engaged in innovative collaborations. Co-written and co-produced with the accomplished 2x JUNO and 2x GOLD-winning songwriter and producer EXCLAP, known for collaborations with Billy Talent, Metric, Snoop Dogg, and more, along with JUNO-nominated producer Ross Hayes Citrullo, The Listros’ debut single attests to their unwavering commitment to musical excellence.

The Listros have already marked a significant milestone by selling out venues independently, boasting a fully produced 75-minute live show. Notably, Toronto’s El Mocambo, with a capacity of 400, witnessed The Listros showcase their debut unsigned EP, leaving an indelible mark on the live music scene.

Eager to share their musical journey with the world, The Listros are gearing up to release their forthcoming debut EP. This collection of tracks is poised to solidify their presence in the modern rock landscape, a testament to the dedication of seasoned performers pushing boundaries and exploring the boundless potential of their sonic palette.

‘Into The Otherside’ marks The Listros’ maiden voyage into the expansive world of modern rock. With a debut EP on the horizon, the duo is set to leave an enduring impact on the music industry. The Listros’ seamless fusion of influences from various rock eras, coupled with their commitment to immersive live experiences, positions them as a formidable presence in the contemporary rock scene. As playlist curators seek fresh sounds, The Listros extend an invitation to audiences to join them on their sonic odyssey, encouraging everyone to venture ‘Into The Otherside.’

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