Ivon Roberts and Cian O’Donoghue Present “Better Guy”: A Serenade of Synth-Pop Harmony

In a delightful twist of contemporary courtship, Ivon Roberts and Cian O’Donoghue come together to create the infectious synth-pop duet, “Better Guy.” United by mutual appreciation for their musical styles, the duo sets the stage for a musical showdown, painting a scenario where two friends vie for the affections of the same girl.

Cian O’Donoghue and Ivon Roberts, forming the core of this musical collaboration, found a shared musical rhythm while working with a mutual artist back in 2020. Their respect for each other’s musical prowess led them to embark on a joint venture, infusing their distinct styles into a harmonious blend.

“Better Guy” draws from a rich tapestry of folktronica merged with synth-pop, encapsulating Cian’s velvety R&B vocals and Ivon’s spirited pop finesse. Crafted in a Zoom session in Ireland in 2021 and later brought to life through vocal recordings in studios across Dublin and London in early 2023, the song finds its musical roots in these varied settings.

The track humorously mirrors a spirited contest between friends vying for a girl’s attention at a bar, while subtly revealing deeper interests lying beyond this pursuit. Through a sleek, playful lens, the song navigates the complexities of modern courtship, laced with a touch of “liquid courage.”

During the song’s creation, an idea surfaced to pivot the narrative towards the friends developing feelings for each other, leading to the concept of “Better Gay.” However, out of respect for the differing experiences within the duo, this notion was reimagined to authentically reflect their shared journey.

In Ivon Roberts’ witty words, “Two Irish lads who created a song blending lightheartedness with honesty, delving into the fusion of modern ‘courting culture’ and a splash of ‘liquid courage.’”

“Better Guy” emerges as a melodious exploration of friendship, attraction, and the complexities of modern dating, encapsulating the essence of playful banter and the intricacies of relationships within the vibrant, catchy synth-pop framework.

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