Jeff Vidov’s “Oh mi da dey di”: A Symphonic Celebration of Community and Hope

Canadian-born composer and pianist Jeff Vidov, known for his extensive and diverse musical career, has embarked on an ambitious project set to make waves in the rock and pop music scenes. In 2024, Vidov is releasing a two-CD rock/pop album, a monumental endeavor that has been years in the making. The first glimpse into this magnum opus comes in the form of the explosive new single, “Oh mi da dey di.” This track is part of a series of singles, following “Baby can u dig your man?” and “A Little less love,” all recorded at Vidov’s studio in Toronto with a talented ensemble of Canadian musicians.

“Oh mi da dey di” is much more than a catchy tune; it’s a heartfelt anthem of hope and love, deeply infused with Vidov’s positive energy. Drawing from his extensive experience as a choir pianist and conductor, Vidov crafted the song to encapsulate the sense of community and joy he has consistently found in choral settings. The title itself is inspired by vocal warm-ups Vidov has led with his choir for the past 15 years, focusing on vowels and scales. This connection to his choral roots lends the song a sense of authenticity and warmth, aiming to inspire listeners to be better, help others, and make a positive impact.

“Oh mi da dey di” is part of the burgeoning Neorock movement, a resurgence of rock music characterized by thought-provoking lyrics, high-energy performances, and significant orchestral contributions. This movement, gaining traction in Toronto and beyond, seeks to elevate rock music by incorporating a full orchestra as a fundamental component of the band. In Vidov’s music, the orchestra is not merely a backdrop but an equal partner, with its own distinctive parts that intertwine seamlessly with the rest of the band. This symphonic approach enriches the listening experience, adding layers of depth and complexity.

Preceding “Oh mi da dey di,” Vidov released “Baby can u dig your man?”—a track inspired by Stephen King’s novel “The Stand.” The title, though borrowed, features entirely original lyrics penned by Vidov. The novel’s concept of a fictional hit song before an apocalyptic event intrigued Vidov, prompting him to create his own upbeat pop/rock ode to the book. This single has resonated widely, earning hundreds of positive reviews and radio play across the globe.

Jeff Vidov’s career is a testament to his versatility and talent. He first gained prominence by winning the SOCAN Composer’s Award for his orchestral work “AWAKEN” in 1994. Vidov’s academic pedigree is equally impressive, holding degrees from the prestigious Eastman School of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, where he studied under Pulitzer Prize-winning composers Christopher Rouse and Joseph Schwantner.

Vidov’s professional journey includes significant stints at Sony Music Recording Studios in New York, where he contributed to sessions with musical luminaries such as Mariah Carey, Harry Connick Jr., The Cure, and Stevie Wonder. His work spans various genres and formats, from composing full film scores and TV show music to recording classical and rock choral pieces.

In Toronto, Vidov has become a sought-after session musician, performing with tribute bands for artists like Bon Jovi, Journey, Bryan Adams, and Cher, as well as playing with legendary Canadian singers Bobby Curtola and Colm Wilkinson. His versatility extends to jazz, having performed with several big bands and combos.

As a composer, Vidov’s repertoire includes full film scores for 13 movies, music for two Canadian TV shows, and two theater productions. His classical recordings include solo piano renditions of Bach’s Goldberg Variations and works by Chopin, Haydn, and Brahms. Vidov’s classical prowess also sees him performing piano concerti by Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, and others, accompanying opera singers and instrumentalists, and conducting choirs.

His role as a church organist and music director in various Toronto churches further showcases his versatility. Vidov’s upcoming projects include a two-CD album of organ improvisations and a performance of Saint-Saëns’ Symphony No. 3.

Jeff Vidov’s foray into the Neorock movement with “Oh mi da dey di” marks a new chapter in his storied career. This single, and the forthcoming album, promise to blend the emotional depth and technical precision of his classical background with the dynamic energy of rock and pop music. Vidov’s innovative fusion of orchestral elements with modern rock signals an exciting evolution in his music, poised to captivate audiences and inspire a new wave of musicians.

As Vidov continues to release new music, his unwavering dedication to crafting meaningful, high-quality compositions remains evident. “Oh mi da dey di” stands as a beacon of hope and community, inviting listeners to join in the celebration of life and music.

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