Trapt’s “The Fall Teaser #2”: An Electrifying Prelude to Their Upcoming Album

Trapt has unleashed a thrilling preview of their highly anticipated new album, “The Fall,” with the release of “The Fall Teaser #2.” This teaser, which includes five songs from the forthcoming album, follows the release of “The Fall Teaser #1” last November, also featuring five tracks. Both teasers have built significant momentum and excitement among fans and critics alike as the full album’s release date of May 31 approaches.

Trapt’s lineup features Chris Taylor Brown on vocals and guitar, Shawn Sonnenschein on guitar, Peter Charell on bass, and Mitch Moore on drums. Trapt’s journey began in August 1997 when the band members were still in high school. Hailing from the rich musical backdrop of the late ’90s, their sound is heavily influenced by grunge and alternative rock, genres known for their raw energy and emotional depth.

Trapt is no stranger to the stage. Currently, they are rocking audiences across the country on the “Parental Advisory Tour” alongside notable acts such as Josey Scott (the original singer for Saliva), Adema, and Tantric. This tour has not only solidified their reputation as a formidable live band but also helped them connect with a broader audience.

The upcoming album, “The Fall,” is set to feature 15 tracks, promising a rich and diverse musical experience for fans. Trapt has taken a hands-on approach to their music, with the band producing all their tracks and bassist Peter Charell handling the mixing. This DIY ethic underscores their independence and dedication to their craft.


Reflecting on their musical journey, Chris Taylor Brown shares, “The new Trapt album ‘The Fall’ has some of the best songs that Trapt has ever written. The band has been independent for over a decade, but learned from some of the best rock producers in the music industry. We write and produce all our music, and our bass player Peter Charell is a great mixer.”

The album “The Fall” was recorded and produced by Trapt, with Peter Charell overseeing the mixing process. This internal production approach ensures that the band maintains creative control and stays true to their vision.

With “The Fall” dropping on May 31, fans are eagerly awaiting the full album, which promises to deliver a potent mix of hard-hitting rock and introspective lyrics. The teasers have set the stage for what could be one of Trapt’s most impactful releases to date.

“The Fall Teaser #2” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the band’s latest creative output, showcasing their growth and evolution over the years. As Trapt continues to forge their path in the rock world, their dedication to their music and their fans remains unwavering.

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