SIR-VERE’s “Orbital Rocktronics Part 1”: A Unique Revolution

The electronic music landscape is about to witness a seismic shift with the release of SIR-VERE’s latest album, Orbital Rocktronics Part 1. This ambitious remix project, in collaboration with the multi-talented Rory Hoy, reimagines tracks from SIR-VERE’s extensive and diverse catalog, infusing them with a fresh, energetic vibe that is poised to electrify dance floors worldwide.


Orbital Rocktronics Part 1 is not just a remix album; it’s a testament to the creative synergy between SIR-VERE and Rory Hoy. Known for their boundary-pushing approach, SIR-VERE has consistently defied genre conventions, blending elements of punk, indie, big beats, and breakbeats. Rory Hoy, a renowned producer, DJ, author, and filmmaker, brings his remixing prowess and a deep understanding of the electronic music scene, adding layers of complexity and excitement to the tracks.

The collaboration was born during the production of SIR-VERE’s *Psycho Ballistic Funk* album for the iconic Wall of Sound label. Originally, the idea was to release Rory Hoy’s remixes alongside the album. However, these remixes were shelved until now, giving rise to the Orbital Rocktronics concept.

The album revisits and reinvents songs from several of SIR-VERE’s most influential works, including tracks from the critically acclaimed Lovescope album, as well as selections from Psycho Ballistic Funk, Singulus, and This is My Life. Each track has been meticulously reworked, with Rory Hoy’s distinctive remixing style breathing new life into them. The result is a fusion of rock and dance music that captures the raw energy and innovative spirit of SIR-VERE.

Track List

1. Bop Till You Drop (Featuring Rory Hoy)
2. I’m on Fire (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Psycho Ballistic Funk
3. Superstar (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from This is My Life
4. Extra Beat in My Heart (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Singulus
5. Night Time (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Psycho Ballistic Funk
6. Growler (Rory Hoy Remix)
7. All You Ever Do (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Singulus
8. The Crazies (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Lovescope
9. Peer Pressure (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Lovescope
10. Legion (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Lovescope
11. My Mind (Rory Hoy Remix) – Original from Singulus
12. This is Heaven (Rory Hoy Remix)

The album’s lead single, “Extra Beat in My Heart,” is a standout track that encapsulates the essence of the late ’90s and early ’00s Big Beat scene, revitalized with a contemporary twist. Accompanied by a unique promotional video created by Rory Hoy, the single promises to be a dance floor anthem, blending nostalgic beats with modern production techniques.

SIR-VERE comprises a talented ensemble of musicians and producers. Craig White, the lyrical genius and vocal powerhouse, is joined by Gary Morland, whose multi-instrumental talents cover guitars, keyboards, programming, drums, and bass. Steve Craighead adds his expertise on keyboards, while Ian McEwan provides additional vocal depth. Rory Hoy, with his adeptness in keyboards, programming, and bass, completes the ensemble, ensuring each track is a masterclass in electronic music production.

Production details for the project include Gary Morland serving as the primary producer, supplemented by Rory Hoy’s additional production contributions. The recording took place at Bongo Tronic HQ MK, with Craig White responsible for the lyrical aspects.

Rory Hoy’s involvement in *Orbital Rocktronics Part 1* brings a wealth of experience and accolades. With eight albums and numerous singles, EPs, and remixes to his name, Hoy has left an indelible mark on the music industry. His DJ sets have lit up major festivals like Leeds Festival and Deer Shed Festival, and his tracks have found their way into diverse media, from Disney and Google to Netflix and Amazon Films.

Hoy’s contributions to music and literature are equally impressive, with three successful books under his belt and accolades like the Yorkshire Young Achiever of the Year Award and a Film 4 Youth Award.

*Orbital Rocktronics Part 1* is just the beginning. SIR-VERE and Rory Hoy have hinted at a follow-up, *Orbital Rocktronics Part 2*, expected to drop later this year. This continuation promises to delve even deeper into the collaborative process, offering more groundbreaking remixes and fresh interpretations of SIR-VERE’s extensive discography.

SIR-VERE’s *Orbital Rocktronics Part 1* is a bold, innovative project that not only revisits the band’s past but also propels their music into new, uncharted territories. With Rory Hoy’s remixing expertise and SIR-VERE’s unwavering creative vision, this album is set to make waves in the electronic music scene, reaffirming SIR-VERE’s status as pioneers of genre-defying music. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to their sound, *Orbital Rocktronics Part 1* promises an exhilarating auditory experience that is not to be missed.

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