Tjernberg Brothers Release Debut Single “(Easier with a) Song” Featuring Astrid Mellgren

The Tjernberg Brothers have officially stepped into the music scene with their debut single, “(Easier with a) Song,” a vibrant funky electro-pop track featuring the vocal talents of Astrid Mellgren, also known by her stage name Bastie Lynx. Released on June 29, 2024, the song is available on all major music streaming platforms, as well as in CD and vinyl formats.

The inception of “(Easier with a) Song” dates back to 2016 when the Tjernberg Brothers began sketching the initial ideas for what they hoped would become a pop sensation. Originally conceived as an entry for an international music contest, the song’s direction changed when the brothers decided not to pursue competition. This creative freedom allowed them to expand the track beyond the typical three-minute limit imposed by contest rules, adding a compelling bridge that enriches the song’s structure and emotional depth.

Finding the right voice to bring their vision to life was a critical step in the Tjernberg Brothers’ journey. They discovered the perfect match in Stockholm-based singer Astrid Mellgren, known professionally as Bastie Lynx. Mellgren’s dynamic and soulful voice perfectly complements the funky, electro-pop vibe of “(Easier with a) Song,” adding a layer of depth and charm to the track.

The production quality of “(Easier with a) Song” is a testament to the Tjernberg Brothers’ commitment to excellence. The track was mastered in the United States by Rob Schubert, ensuring a polished and professional sound that stands out in the contemporary music landscape. The combination of intricate production, catchy melodies, and heartfelt lyrics creates a pop gem that resonates with listeners.

“(Easier with a) Song” revolves around the timeless theme of love, exploring how music can make navigating the complexities of relationships a bit easier. The funky electro-pop style of the track is characterized by its infectious rhythms, playful synths, and a groove that invites listeners to dance and sing along. This fusion of genres reflects the Tjernberg Brothers’ innovative approach to music-making, blending classic pop sensibilities with modern electronic elements.

The Tjernberg Brothers are a talented duo hailing from Sweden, known for their knack for creating catchy and emotionally resonant music. Their journey in the music industry has been marked by a dedication to crafting songs that not only entertain but also connect with listeners on a deeper level. “(Easier with a) Song” is their first official release, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting and impactful career.

With the release of their debut single, the Tjernberg Brothers are poised to make a significant impact on the music scene. They have expressed enthusiasm about sharing their music with the world and are eager to see how “(Easier with a) Song” resonates with audiences globally. The success of this track will likely pave the way for future projects, as the brothers continue to develop their unique sound and artistic identity.

“(Easier with a) Song” by the Tjernberg Brothers featuring Astrid Mellgren is more than just a debut single; it’s a declaration of their arrival in the music world. With its catchy, funky electro-pop style and heartfelt lyrics, the track promises to win the hearts of many. As they embark on this new chapter, the Tjernberg Brothers are set to bring fresh and exciting music to fans everywhere. Listeners can find “(Easier with a) Song” on their preferred music streaming platforms, and those who appreciate physical formats can also enjoy the track on CD and vinyl. Be sure to check out this pop gem and join the Tjernberg Brothers on their musical journey.



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