Unveiling ‘Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse’ by B-MACK: A Deep Dive into Bruce Mack’s Funk Groove Masterpiece

Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse” is a vibrant single from B-MACK, the brainchild of Bruce Mack. This song, produced entirely by Mack in his home studio on Staten Island, is a testament to his multifaceted talent. Conceived, written, performed, and mixed by Mack, with a guest vocal performance and video appearance by Larayne, the track showcases a rich tapestry of funk, rhythm, and blues. Mastered using eMastered, it’s a sonic journey into the escapist realms of an imaginary place where everyone can have a good time.

B-MACK is not just a solo project; it is the confluence of remarkable talents, featuring Bruce Mack as composer, lead vocalist, and synthesizer player, Michael Cox on electric bass, Ben Tyree on guitar, Chris Eddleton on drumset, and Leon Gruenbaum on keyboards.

The band formed in 2017, emerging from three distinct collaborative environments. Bruce Mack met guitarist Ben Tyree, drummer Chris Eddleton, and keyboardist Leon Gruenbaum in the improvisational collective Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber. Mack connected with trumpeter Sharif Kales in the West African percussion ensemble Nubian Messengers. Bassist Michael Cox joined through a jam session that led to the Rules of Aquah project. This eclectic mix of backgrounds contributes to the band’s unique sound.

B-MACK draws from a wide array of influences, reflecting the virtuosic abilities of its members. The band’s sound spans progressive jazz-rock-funk fusion and pop, with Bruce Mack himself heavily inspired by Funkadelic, Jon Hendrix, and Charles Bradley. This eclectic blend ensures that B-MACK’s music defies genre boundaries, offering a rich and diverse auditory experience.

B-MACK recently performed at the Burnt Sugar Roadhouse series at the Bowery Electric in New York City on May 9, 2024. Their dynamic performance captivated the audience, showcasing their experimental and boundary-pushing approach to music.

“Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse” is a funk-groove rhythm and blues track born from Mack’s love for cooking and seafood. The song’s title and lyrics evoke the joy of an imaginary place where good times abound, using “duckgrease” as a metaphor for effortless enjoyment. The creation process began a few weeks before Thanksgiving in 2023, as Mack experimented with cooking duck breast and exploring his new DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on his Mac Mini. He developed a couple of drum tracks, layered samples of Native American chants, and built a bass line and chord/keyboard rhythm. The result is a vibrant, stress-relieving celebration of life and culinary delight.

A video for the a-side single “Silent Witness,” directed by visual artist Karen Leo-Scholtz and photographer Terrence Pope, was recently shot in the historic recording studio built by the late great drummer Rashid Ali. This visual component is set to be released in early June, adding a compelling visual narrative to B-MACK’s innovative music.

B-MACK has received praise for his fearless experimentation and genre-blending approach. As Ariyel of Ariyel’s Blog noted on March 18, 2024, “What sets B-MACK apart is his fearless approach to experimentation. Whether blending genres, bending sounds, or playing mind tricks with his words, B-MACK consistently defies expectations, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music.”

Reflecting on his work and the band, Bruce Mack states, “I am very honored and grateful to have these brilliant musicians joyfully contributing to my music and playing with me on stage.” This sentiment captures the collaborative spirit and creative synergy that define B-MACK’s music.

“Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse” is more than a single; it is an invitation to a joyous, imaginative escape. Bruce Mack’s innovative production, combined with the exceptional talents of his bandmates, creates a compelling and unforgettable musical experience. As B-MACK continues to push the boundaries of music, listeners can look forward to more groundbreaking and genre-defying sounds from this extraordinary collective.

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